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EBC is in need now more than ever.  We provide real assistance for children, including those from families most affected by the pandemic and economic fallout.  Circle membership with EBC includes businesses and organizations that have made a commitment to support EBC during a calendar year in a variety of ways.

What YOUR Support Means...

  • Almost 11,000 children living in economic insecurity, without homes, or in a family disruption receive absolute essentials from EBC (about 160,000 orders of essential goods— clothes, diapers, formula, toys, books, beds & more— will be provided to local families in 2022).
  • Families connect with EBC through 256 programs & sites, within 70+ agencies in 78 towns or cities, 162 zip codes, across the Central Puget Sound area.
  • Volunteers are the heart of EBC, giving their time in the EBC Hubs, in their homes, or in organizing drive and events.  Many volunteers are from local businesses and corporations.
  • Everyone is living in a stronger, healthier community.

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